RSFR-MT-LWA is an environmentally friendly and flame retardant LWA medical heat shrink tubing designed for use in minimally invasive products. It is a cross-linked modified polyolefin heat shrink tubing

The uniform structure of the product helps to improve its elasticity and performance, making it almost free from defects, pinholes, seams, cracks, or impurities

Point. MT-LWA provides customizable shrinkage rates, with a maximum shrinkage rate of  ~ 4:1. MT-LWA-105H has unique peeling and axial tearing properties

Yes, it can be easily removed at a fixed temperature, making it the best choice when the FEP is not suitable.

◎ Shrinkage ratio: > 2:1

◎ Temperature: -40 ° C to+105 ° C

◎ Initial shrinkage temperature: ≥+90 ℃

◎ Good transparency

◎ Excellent electrical insulation performance

◎ Compliant with ISO 10993-1

◎ Easy to remove after tightening, with good axial tear expansion

◎ Heavy genus

◎ Environmental standards: compliant with RoHS

Standard color: transparent


Test method


Tensile strength /MPa

ASTM D 2671


fracture elongation /%

ASTM D 2671


pressure resistance test


4000V,1min, No breakdown

volume resistivity /Ω·cm

IEC 60093

≥ 1014


  • Meet the requirements of body contact
  • insulation performance
  • strong tearing resistance
  • environmental protection
  • high shrinkage rate