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ProXCath medical services | Medical devices company

Speed to Market with ProXCath Medical extrusion and component capabilities

ProXCath Medical Aims to assist & improve the quality of manufacturing industries with a high quality & reliable supply of components and extrusions  technology possible in every part of the world.

ProXCath Medical is a Dutch based high-tech medical devices company that focuses on supply and provide Extrusions & Component within the medical devices & industrial space.


Medical Devices Company | Catheter Technology - ProXCath Medical

Interventional Catheters & Stent Supply

ProXCath serves the medical device industry with a wide
range of product and service solutions, including stents and catheters .

OEM Component Supply.

ProXCath serves the medical device industry with a wide range of product and service solutions, including custom OEM component manufacturing. In addition to this service, we also offer a complete line of over 300 standard single-use medical products. Whether you require a standard device or a custom component for your medical equipment, we can meet your needs with a quality product solution.

Looking for Engineering & Supply Services


Custom Catheter Components

Bring your concept and we will help to supply for you & also teach you how to build yourself.


Are you struggling with your current production yield and challenges, call us for free discussion.

OEM Stock
on Hand.

We keep stock of various component which could help you to prototype your concepts for feasibility .

4 week (ETD)
Fast Shipping.

We will respond to you with in 24 hours and understand what you need. We ship what you need in time.

Custom Extrusions and Components for Catheter Manufacturing.

Don't Get your ideas fade away with longer leadtime for components . We deliver in 4-6 weeks , we can deliver the extrusions

Component Tubings &Extrusions

<b style="color:#C2063B; ">Single </b>& <b style="color:#C2063B; ">Dual </b>Lumen

Single & Dual Lumen

Our products can be adjusted to accommodate the respective requirements. The material and cross-sectional patterns are tailored to your requirements. This has the following advantages for your application: Smallest dimensions for ProXCath extruded tubing. 

<b style="color:#C2063B; "> Braid </b> & <b style="color:#C2063B; "> Coil </b>Shafts

Braid & Coil Shafts

Braid / coil-reinforced catheters. Our expertise in braided catheters is focused on invasive medical devices requiring high pushability, burst pressure, steerability, and kink resistance and shape retention features



<b style="color:#C2063B; ">Multilayer </b>Tubings.

Multilayer Tubings.

Tri-layer extruded tubes are used in catheter systems that navigate deep into the vascular system by following a preplaced guide wire.  Tri-layer extrusions are also used as working channels within a catheter assembly to allow for insertion of a tool or implanted through the lumen to the therapeutic site.

<b style="color:#C2063B; ">Balloon Tubing

Balloon Tubing

As a medical balloon contract manufacturer for the past 15 years, we have accumulated substantial understanding of the issues linked to balloon quality and balloon production yields. Clearly, high balloon tubing quality is an essential precondition to high balloon quality and production yields. To meet our demand for high-quality tubing, we decided to develop our own extruded balloon tubing processes

<b style="color:#C2063B; "> PTFE Sheaths

PTFE Sheaths

PTFE Protectors are our expertise and is main focused on invasive medical devices requiring protecting the devices during transportation and also to secure the devices prior use at Cath lab. Thus Protectors are are extremely important as much your devices in order to give confidence.




<b style="color:#C2063B; "> PTFE Liner

PTFE Liner

PTFE Liners have unsurpassed contact angle to allow for low friction in the inner layer of catheters and minimally invasive devices.






<b style="color:#C2063B; ">FEP </b>& <b style="color:#C2063B; ">PTFE </b>ShrinkTube

FEP & PTFE ShrinkTube

Three main material families are primarily used in medical-grade heat shrink tubing applications: polyolefins, polyester (PET), and fluoropolymers such as PTFE and FEP. Fluoropolymers are generally chosen for their high temperature resistance.

<b style="color:#C2063B; ">LWA </b>& <b style="color:#C2063B; ">Polyolefin </b>ShrinkTube

LWA & Polyolefin ShrinkTube

The world is flat. The MT-LWA-105H product has achieved unique peeling and axial tearing performance through material selection and trial and error matching, becoming an FEP



ProXCath medical services | Medical devices company

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